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njgirl83 wrote in designinggold

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this is HORRIBLE. gah, just when I was getting all excited to watch some gymnastics too!

Ps. have you seen her tweets with Sammy this week?!?! Breaking my heart! Most likely enough to write something.

I know! I just keep thinking "look how far she's come" I'm sure she's going crazy.
Oh yeah, I've been loving the tweets and I've been missing your writing. I've been reading some fic on the USWNT and it's just not the same. :(

I was hoping it wouldn't be bad enough for her to not compete. =[

Do it, Kels, do it! I miss reading your stories!

I'm so sad today! When I read the news this morning I had a breakdown. I even got off from work earlier so upset I was. Well, until I saw the pics... now I'm not completely unhappy, ya know. But it was heart breaking.

Last night I went to bed thinking how lucky I was for being able to see her making history, being the american gymnast holding more world medals than any other gymnast. Especially after Beijing, when I thought I would never see her compiting at all. Then I wake up with this !?!?
I'm just so frustrated... I'm going to watch the video again, can't help.

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