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and so the love story continues............
njgirl83 wrote in designinggold

Alicia Sacramone
ASac3Alicia Sacramone
Listening to swing by savage makes me miss you @samanthapeszek real bad!
Samantha Peszek
samanthapeszekSamantha Peszek
@ASac3 HAHA goodness I miss you too! I'm coming to Boston Wednesday I better see you :)
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Alicia Sacramone
@ASac3Alicia Sacramone
@samanthapeszek whaaaaaaaaat you are? Best day ever!


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soooo adorably cute!! They cant say they arent together...they just shine around each other.

TRUE! They shine together.

I wish I could be in Boston. I would so love to see the look on both their faces when they see eachother. *speachless*

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