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Hey Guys!
20kels wrote in designinggold
So I know its been like a century but college has been keeping me super busy. But I have some good news! Just incase any of you are still keeping up with LJ I have a new Ace/Sammy story in the works. And as you guys know by in the works I mean in my head. Plan on writing it out tonight or tomorrow.

Heres some deets, I'm looking to get some opinions on how you want the story to turn out.
The story centers around current gymnastics happenings, Visas, leadings up to trials and of course I'm going to put my own spin on how/why Sam is no longer in the running.

Let me know what you think and keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff!

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Hi there, Kels. How've you been?
I'm excited for this new Ace/Sammy story! I don't know where you're from, so sorry if I'm just telling you stuff you already know.
I know the Olympic trials are in San Jose, CA, which is about a 6-hour (of pure boredom, trust me, I had to sit through it) drive from the LA area. Maybe she can magically road trip to meet Ace or with Ace to SJ. I don't know; I just wanted to tell you how the drive between LA and SJ sucks. lol.
Can't wait to see what your spin on how/why Sam is no longer in the running is.

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