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sooo I was just thinking......
njgirl83 wrote in designinggold

ok, everyone.  Just to give you all a distraction and to give us all some laughs.....what's Ace thinking?


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its pretty obvious she's bored with media interviews so she's looking over to the seats, craning her neck to scan the seats for Sam... duh.

She's not happy about the fact that Sam is out and about with Bridget all weekend while she's stuck in the gym.

she is wishing Sammy was sitting next to her!!! And that they werent there but somewhere they could be alone!!

only one more year to hacked facebook pages and secret alicia fan groups based on whatever happens to be the biggest movie at that time. YAY! lol

Wow! Hmmmm I'm sensing a trend here. Ace only has thoughts of Sammy! LOL Love this!

No, she thinks about me too. Sometimes. Maybe. I wish. lol

LOL Nagy! Maybe Kels can use that for extra inspiration.
Are you HEARING me Kels?! ;)

KELS? Who is that? lol

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