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njgirl83 wrote in designinggold

ok the girls are back, and tonight is the night!  Who's going to be watching and where the heck has everyone been?!

Me?  you ask.  I've been lurking in the shadows.  Well it's true!  Not just with our fav girls, but have you all seen the USWNT (soccer)?!  it's been a nice distraction while Ace and Sammy have been away.  Today is going to be an epic day.  (well for me anyways)  WPS (soccer) at 4, and seeing our lovely Ace on tv tonight.  I may have to go into hiding again just to recover  LOL   Are you all going to watch?

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I will be at work til midnight sooo...I always miss the good stuff!! And I have been away due to family illness and my own illness but hopefully that is all over with now and i can have more time for some fun!!! Hope everyone is doing good!!

ahhhh what time? what channel?!?
I'm so excited! More inspiration here we come!

Hey tbaby! Long time no talk LOL I'll text you the highlites!
Kelllllllllllls!!! Oh my goodness!!!! It's been like forever! I've tweeted you AND I sent you a note on FB. :)
Visa's are on NBC tonight at 8ET.

Hey people, whats up?
I was at work during the competition but I made my boss change the channel so everybody could see Alicia rock.
She finaly hit her floor routine. I'm so happy! And she's the beam champion. Seriously? She surprises me every time.

hey everyone!! Thankyou NJ for the highlites!!! She should the younguns how to do it and do with flair and hotness!! lol

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