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nagy08 wrote in designinggold
Where's everybody?

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Where have you been ladies??? Where are Tbaby, Kels and everybody else?

I'm still around. Work has had me busy, I've been on here once in awhile checking in, tweeting once in awhile and I'm on facebook every other day or so. Tbaby has been really busy with some things going on in her personal life, and I think she forgot her password for lj. LOL Bad mod!! Kels has been doing the college thing. Where have you been?! ;)

Yup, still here! Always check in but classes have been crazy, I'm writing like 2 papers a week over here.... not even a freaking English major. BUT i WILL be continuing my current story, sometime, I promise. Hasn't been much out on our girl, glad to see you guys are all still hanging around!

You all make me scared for college. Glad to see there are still people on here, though.

How could Tbaby forget her password? That's crazy!
Good to hear from you all. Kels, no hurries (yeah). Well, we'll be patiently waiting.

hahaha (noted) seriously though, I'll get on it. Tryin' to figure out where I wanna go with it....

Dont worry nagy around this time next year there will ba a ton of people trying to get into this site lol. Remember 3 years ago? Damn that was a crazy time lol, not long now unto more leaked facebook photos!

You are right... it's coming. BTW, did you see Alicia's new vault? And she is hotter than ever. People will have a lot to talk about. And I'm gonna love it. Especially if Kells decide to go on with the fic she started ages ago(nothing personal, just business) lol

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